Scope reviews chuck hawks

Scope reviews chuck hawks

Print Thread. Hop To. Joined: Jul The rules of optic do not change just because we call a telescope a riflescope. To get the brightest, clearest scope possible we need huge objective lenses, for it is the objective lens that ultimately controls resolution and potential light transmission.

You might think there would be a market for 60mm or 70mm hunting scopes, but it appears that there isn't. Yet, doubling the size of an objective lens quadruples its light gathering ability.

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Who but the most brainless of us could not want a technically superior objective like that? Most of us don't, and for good reasons. You will get better strength, lower cost, less weight, less parallax, and greater depth of field with the 40mm objective. Human eyes are not the best on the planet; much technical light transmission cannot be detected, much less used, by the human eye. Most of us do not want our scopes mounted as far away from the barrel as possible.

Necessarily, larger objectives prohibit close scope to bore mounting. Human eyes quickly lose the ability to distinguish color as the light fades; the human eye's deficiencies pretty much negate the theoretical advantages of large objective lenses.

Who can say that, under hunting conditions, they can hold a 12X scope steady enough in the off-hand position to be usable? How about with a 20 mph crosswind? I have not been able to.

We may think we want the brightest scope in the barn, but human eyes do not have the ability to use much more than a 5mm exit pupil. Just like binoculars, which are a pair of telescopes mounted together, reasonably large objectives and low magnifications give us the best images. We rarely seek 60mm or 70mm objective binoculars, either, though recoil resistance and rifle mounting are no longer factors in our choice.

Gun Review: Winchester XPR sets new standard for budget rifles

We do not want the brightest and clearest, really, because what mathematics can document our eyes simply cannot take advantage of.User Name Remember Me? What's the deal with Chuck Hawks?

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I am curious about the seemingly split opinion on Chuck Hawks. I often see his website info posted and cited here and there, and almost invariably someone advises against the reliability of Chuck Hawks' info. So what's the deal? I've been on his website before, and though I'm by no means super-knowledgeable, I know something about guns and ammo.

He definitely has his opinions, but I haven't read anything presented as objective fact on his site that made me sit up and scream "B. Can anyone shed some more specific light on the problems with Chuck Hawks' firearms info? I'm not saying such a view is unjustifed, I'm just curious about the rationale behind the complaints.

I think some folks just disagree with him. He admits, right up front, that he isn't any sort of expert, and his site is just for shared interests.

I'm like you, I don't always agree, but I've not seen anything that was totally wrong, either. Who knows? You know what I think it isfolks think that he is just passing along information that is the work of othersand he's doing it in the form of a slick web site. You know whatif he isSo what! If all he's doing is building a reference library of shooting related info for the rest of us to peruse, more power to him. None of us poster have contributed any tangable thing to the shooting Industrybut nobody jumps all over Me when I answer some fellow site members scope mounting question.

After all I didn't invent any of this stuff but if I know something of some use to someone else It gets passed along. I think thats the case with all of usright? If we could only reply to a post If we held the patent rights to the answerthis would be a very lonely place.

Remove Advertisements. HiI think that Mr. James Gates and Mr. Ed Harris and Mr. Terry Murbach and no doubt a few others I've overlooked would have to disagree with 'none' of us contributing to the shooting industry I thought for sure the minute after I sent it one of our fellow posters would inform me that they were single handedly responsible for making bullets pointy at one endwouldn't that have blown my theory all to heck?

Also, To Mr. Ackley if your not dead yet, I'm Sorry. Mommicked likes this.

9 Reasons The Leupold VX-5HD Is A Great Hunting Scope

Is his data inaccurate?The Bushnell AR optics is a one of a kind riflescope that has been specifically designed for usage in long range shooting and hunting expeditions.

This product has been proven to enhance precision even when operating in dismal lighting and adverse weather conditions. While also been in a position to maintain its accuracy even after several mounting and dismounting, enabling the user to proceed with their shooting with lesser preparation time. This functionality effortlessly corrects parallax errors that goes a long way in providing near perfect precision at virtually any shooting distance.

This one of a kind reticle zeroes in at approximately yards and has accurate aiming points of up to five hundred yards. Even when situated from a long distance from their targets. This feature enables users to conveniently obtain a clear, sharp and crisp view of their given targets, which can be invaluable in long range hunting applications. Together with a variable power functionality that ranges from a minimum of 4. The first two attributes permit it to be utilized in any weather conditions, without in any way compromising its unmatched accuracy even at long distances.

As for its been shock resistant, this riflescope can easily withstand impact and any other damage, which makes it an extremely rugged and durable product. Unlike most other alternatives that fall under its price range. It is further sealed to protect its interior components from any damage that may arise from exposure to the elements. This gives it an unmatched reliability as well as durability.

It can effortlessly withstand the rigors of virtually any type of long range shooting or hunting application. Despite of these two flaws, the Bushnell AR optics is arguably one of the finest riflescopes that are to be had within its given price range.

It comes with specs and features that are only obtainable from high end products. Its unmatched capability of facilitating for high precision shooting from a long range is undoubtedly one of its best features. Which when coupled with its side focus parallax adjustment functionality makes it an exceptional riflescope for long distance hunting and shooting applications. The Bushnell BDC reticle is also a rugged product that works remarkably well in almost any weather conditions, thanks to it been waterproof and fog proof.

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While its fully multi coated optics make it ideal to use in virtually any lighting. You can never go wrong with choosing this riflescope for your long range shooting or hunting escapades. This is an insight with this respect. BushnellRifle Scope.

Top 3 Best Vortex Rifle Scopes.In today's market there are a number of fine "adult" rimfire rifles and many "popular priced" models from which to choose, as a quick perusal of the rimfire rifle reviews on the Product Review page will show. The great majority of these are small game hunting and plinking rifles and they need telescopic sights.

Scope Reviews Chuck Hawks

Several prominent scope manufacturers have stepped forward to fill this need and the manufacturers represented here are among the best known and most widely available. This article is intended to compare a representative range of rimfire scopes in both fixed and variable power styles. In order to accomplish this, we amassed eight rimfire scopes from seven manufacturers.

Most of these are variable magnification models, but fixed 4x scopes from Nikon and Bushnell are also included. It might be worth mentioning in this regard that 4x is about ideal for small game hunting with.

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A fixed 4x scope is thus often a better match in terms of size and weight for. It can also offer superior optics compared to a similarly priced variable power model. A scope in the x or x range seems about right for most.

scope reviews chuck hawks

Heavy barreled. There is, of course, no hard and fast rule about such things. All of the scopes compared in this article are built on 1" diameter 25mm main tubes and therefore can use standard 1" mounting rings. They can be mounted to the tip-off grooves found on the receiver of most rimfire rifles or using standard Leupold, Weaver, etc.

Also gone is the short 1. These scopes boast the same 3"-4" eye relief found in centerfire riflescopes. In addition, these scopes all come with fully coated optics and some are partly Nikon or fully Sightron, Leupold, Burris, Weaver multi-coated. Some rimfire scopes are also strengthened against the "reverse" recoil of adult air rifles.

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At one time rimfire scopes were inexpensive, kid scopes intended for cheap. There are still some inexpensive and inferior rimfire riflescopes, to be sure, but the models included in this article are suitable for use by adult shooters and hunters. Most are in the medium price class and cost as much as the scopes that hunters typically buy for their deer rifles.

The best rimfire scopes cost as much as deluxe four-star centerfire riflescopes. What mostly separates rimfire and centerfire scopes these days is the distance at which they are focused to be free from parallax. Most rimfire scopes either have adjustable objectives AO that allow the user to focus the scope at any appropriate distance or are factory focused to be parallax free at 50 yards. The scopes that are the subjects of this article encompass a considerable range in price. Here are some January online retail prices, from most to least expensive:.

Of the rimfire riflescopes included in this comparison, the Sightron and Leupold are premium priced scopes. Burris, Weaver and Nikon represent the middle price class.We originally requested a Savage American Classic rifle in. Unfortunately, we were informed the upscale American Classic rifles with walnut stocks and deluxe features, such as straight comb "American" stocks, black fore end tips, pistol grip caps, polished and blued metal finish and hinged magazine floor plates were being discontinued.

Savage is no longer offering a walnut or even laminated walnut stocked rifle with a polished and blued barreled action, which is a shame.

Consequently, we decided to go in the other direction and review a new Model Apex Hunter XP combo, also in. Unlike the American Classic, although it is built on the same basic action, this is a stripped down rifle without deluxe features and refinements.

Note that we are not using the term "entry level rifle" here, although many beginning hunters might buy this combo. The Axis line is Savage's bargain basement offering. The Apex Hunter rifle is merely the lowest priced version of Savage's standard Model rifle.

The Apex Hunter is available in a wide range of cartridges. Forthese include. Magnum and.

scope reviews chuck hawks

The Savage is a push feed action. Its round receiver is drilled from bar stock and there are gas escape ports drilled into each side of the front receiver ring. The recoil lug is a thick washer type, trapped between the barrel and receiver. The receiver is pillar bedded in the stock. This is an open top receiver, making it easier to single load, or to clear a jam in the field than budget receivers like the Savage Axis. The latter offer only an oval cut as an ejection port and to provide access to the chamber.

The Model Apex Hunter XP is supplied with an injection molded plastic stock with a visible mold line for its entire length, a plastic trigger guard there is no "bottom metal" at allcheap detachable magazine with an integral plastic latch, matte bluing basically unpolished--you can feel the barrel is not smooth and not even a glued-on plastic grip cap to simulate a finished look.

However, the rifle comes with an excellent Savage AccuTrigger and conventional steel sling swivel studs, not just plastic loops for sling swivels molded into the stock. The bolt body is lightly engine-turned. The convenient top tang safety is the three position type. Fully forward is the FIRE position and a large red dot is revealed. The MID SAFE position unlocks the bolt so it can be operated, but the trigger cannot be pulled; about half of the red dot shows in this position.

The Model assembled bolt body is about as far as one can get from a one-piece, machined bolt. From front to back there is a two-piece bolt head pinned to the bolt body. This looks like two conventional two-lug bolt heads stacked on top of each other, but only the front pair of lugs actually rotate with the bolt to lock it closed.

The rear half of this bolt head assembly serves as a bolt guide.Over the years we here at Guns and Shooting Online have had a reasonable amount of exposure to a fairly wide assortment of scope brands and models. This little piece is an attempt to list the scopes that we feel confident about recommending. As we continue to test new scopes we will endeavor to keep this list updated. Please don't write and tell us that we failed to include a model that you particularly like.

There are scope lines that we have not owned or reviewed, and therefore about which we have not formed an opinion. Scopes not listed here are not necessarily inferior. In some cases they are omitted simply because none of us have had sufficient or any experience with them. For the purposes of this article we are going to divide the various rifle scope manufacturers' lines into four basic categories: "Five-Star," "Four-Star," "Three-Star," "and "Two-Star. These categories range from the very best and most expensive premium models to the least expensive models that we feel we can recommend for undemanding applications.

Within each category the brands are simply listed in alphabetical order.

scope reviews chuck hawks

Note that these "star" categories are not absolute. The best Four-star Plus scopes push the Five-Star lines hard in both optical and mechanical quality and the best Three-Star Plus lines are hot on the tail of some of the Four-Star models. There are "sliders" out there in scopeland that could reasonable be included in either of two categories.

Both common sense and economic reality suggest that a Two-Star scope that is considered appropriate for use on an economy class deer rifle would not be recommended for use on a Weatherby Mark V or a fine custom built rifle.

Rifles in the upper price classes naturally deserve four or five star scopes. Likewise, a scope purchased for a rifle that will be shipped halfway around the world for an African safari should reasonably be of higher quality than a scope intended for a rifle used only on local day hunts. Now, hopefully, you will not feel compelled to write a letter to the editor to ask what we think about the "Brand-X Super Scope.

scope reviews chuck hawks

In any case, the scopes that are listed here represent a reasonable assortment and range of prices from which to choose. Good luck and good shooting!

Recommended Hunting Riflescopes By the Guns and Shooting Online Staff Over the years we here at Guns and Shooting Online have had a reasonable amount of exposure to a fairly wide assortment of scope brands and models.If you want the most common Nikko Stirling Riflescopes, then check out the newest consumer testimonials, rankings and suggestions right here.

Gain knowledge from individuals like yourself together with expert shooters, hunters, customers with military experience and police officers in regards to the pros and cons and also other valuable remarks for all BRAND1 Scopes.

Having the maximum amount of info as you possibly can when reaching any kind of investment decision similar to this is really important, and that is why we offer several rifle scope informational guides that explain how you can use, choose and purchase any rifle scope, in addition to all of our consumer written reviews.

Getting the appropriate Riflescopes you need for any use you are using it for could be equally as significant as developing a basic knowledge about top rated Nikko Stirling Riflescopes. So be sure you take a look at our Nikko Stirling Riflescopes reviews to find everything needed to purchase your very own Nikko Stirling Rifle Scope. Please enable JavaScript in Your Browser JavaScript is not currently enabled in your browser and due to this our site will not work as it should.

While JavaScript is disabled, you will not be able to add items to your cart or browse all product options. Our site is powered by industry leading security standards for your protection. If possible, please enable JavaScript in your browser for the best possible experience. If you cannot enable JavaScript or you are having technical difficulties, please contact us — we are always here to help!

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If you cannot enable cookies in your browser, please contact us — we are always here to help! Unfortunately we are unable to offer our excellent shopping experience without JavaScript. Please add " opticsplanet. Nikko Stirling Diamond 2. Nikko Stirling Gameking Riflescope 3. Nikko Stirling Riflescopes Product Lines. Made in USA.

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